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Empowering Girls in STEM to open up a World of Opportunity

Every Day Practice for Parents

Ultimately, pursuing a career in STEM is a decision your daughter will make for herself. Encourage your daughter’s natural talents and make sure that all doors remain open to her so that she has choices.

Stay involved. Girls lose interest in STEM at different ages and for different reasons—but if you understand the many challenges girls face, you will be able to provide your daughter with the help, support, and encouragement she needs when she needs it

Don’t underestimate your own influence. So many women in STEM credit a parent who believed in them, encouraged them, and placed a high value on learning. While some of these parents are in STEM fields themselves, many are not. No STEM experience is necessary.

Not so sure about STEM? Take some time to reflect on how your own attitude may be limiting your daughter.

Look to the future. STEM literacy will be interwoven into everything we do. This means that no matter what career your daughter chooses, there’s a good chance STEM know-how and confidence will help her do her job better and more efficiently.

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