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Hi, I'm Cristina, STEMinist

Mathematician, Educator, Researcher

Mathematics is the most beautiful and the most powerful creation of the human spirit. -- Stefan Banach

Meet the Mathematician Who Sees Poetry in Numbers and Letters!  To me, pure mathematics is the essence of creation; everything around me constructs mathematics. It is the language that speaks to my inner world, conveying both truth and beauty in infinite, rapturous ways.

Reading, writing, and reflecting on philosophical quests have always been a part of my journey. I can remember going to bed as a child with four or five books by my side and a notebook full of ideas I wanted to publish one day. Growing up with beautiful languages and libraries, along with inspirational people and workspaces, has carved a life imbued with good books and a deep appreciation for the transformative power of the written word. A life-long desire to read, learn, and question, continues to drive and shape my mathematical vision.

I am deeply besotted with science. What a thrilling gift to unfold!

As a woman in science, I have a keen interest in issues surrounding equality and diversity. My advocacy work for the inclusion of South African Girls in science education and policy is continually expanding, and I am fiercely committed to effecting meaningful change in the lives of many.

This blog is written in a purely personal capacity and conveys my Reality contoured as an African woman, a woman in science, a woman mathematician in a male-dominated science club, a mother, a South African Muslim.​

I come to work every day because I'm fascinated by the questions I'm trying to answer. I hope that what I do makes a difference – whether it's in the classrooms, workshops, or in my personal life.  Join me and support my journey as I navigate the intricacies of nurturing and shaping mathematics and science identity in our Girls. Let's learn, grow, and make a difference together!

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